Chef Joe McDonnell

With an itch to go overseas, Joe found himself in New Zealand working as a cocktail waiter and bartender in the fine dining restaurant Botswana Butchery. He then travelled to Melbourne to get more experience working at Transport and Time Out in Federation Square. Still needing to travel, Joe ended up in the Bad Monkey bar in Dali City, China for 6 months before heading home to take on Sheffield’s finest cocktail bar: Wick at Both Ends (one of the World’s Best) where he trained the team towards their win of the “Best Bar Team” award in the ‘Eat Sheffield Awards’ in 2012.

Joe is now back in Melbourne mixing up cocktails in Flinders Lane’s Mary Fortune (above Papa Goose). His passion for exploring new ingredients, infusing liqueur and creating new and exciting cocktails to follow the Season’s is demonstrated in his final product.

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